A broad creative skill-set and diverse background enables highly creative concept development.

After fully understanding the design challenge and having completed preliminary research, a short but intense brainstorming session is undertaken to ensure the breadth of the issue is addressed. This often sparks the initial design direction and is also used to enable constant momentum with creative thinking.

Concepts are developed using ideation sketching, proof of concept models and CAD. These techniques are interwoven to generate innovative concepts that work.

Concepts are constantly evaluated for their merits. At an early stage, sketch based concepts can be placed into CAD for analysis and to ensure correct function.
To accelerate concept confirmation physical models are often created. These ‘rough models’ are quickly produced  to experience the concepts in real space and to allow thinking “outside the screen”. This hands-on step is lacking in many design practices and this omission is a common cause for issues that come to light further down the track, costing both time and money.
Concepts are further developed using CAD where material properties can be checked using simulation to ensure success. If required a rapid prototype can be produced to confirm fit and function before committing to the final design.

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Identify the design challenge: your goals, customer needs & market trends.


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Employ an array of idea generation techniques for inventive and innovative concept development


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